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Locates duplicate files on your hard drives, so that you can delete them
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Duplicate Finder is a utility that allows you to find duplicate files on your computer or network shares. This program is able to detect any kind of copies, from photos and music to videos and documents.

Overall, the application is easy to use; its interface is intuitive enough and users who have employed tools of this kind before will find it familiar. To get started, you simply need to select the folder or drive that you want to scan. The application shows additional options, such as folder protection, filters, and exclusion, but they are disabled in the unregistered version. The options provided let you define the scan criteria, which can be byte by byte, files with similar names, extension, unique files, etc.

Once the analysis is complete, the app will display a list with all the duplicate items found, giving you the possibility of previewing them, in case of pictures. A helpful function is Easy Marking, which simplifies file selection from the results list, in case the items found are numerous. You can then send the copies to the recycle bin, rename them, or move them to another location. Also, you can tell the program to remove all the duplicate files permanently.

During my test, Duplicate Finder did a good job of finding files with similar names and extensions, allowing me to recover some disk space. The only problem with it is that it's not really a free app, unlike what's advertised on its website; all the advanced options are disabled and every time you attempt to use one of them, a window pops up asking you to upgrade the app. So, there's no way of knowing how efficient these options are, in order to determine if the app is really worth the price tag.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Very easy to use
  • Quick scan
  • The Easy Marking function is helpful


  • All the advanced options are disabled in the trial
  • It's not really a free app
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